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What is Konei? 

Konei is Aotearoa’s Marketplace for Aotearoa’s brands, it’s like an online Kmart BUT only sells and features Aotearoa brands.  We all know there is nothing new about shopping online but Konei is so much more than online shopping, it is an online experience of what Aotearoa has to offer. We bring together the best & brightest Aotearoa brands and create momentum through unity.

“We are in this together”


What will we achieve together? 

Our dream is to create an all in one online shop, on a local platform, and to showcase our people’s incredible creativity to both a local and global market. 

How does it work:

Thousands of Aotearoa brands altogether in one store creating the most memorable online shopping experience. It uses a dropshipping model (orders go straight from you, the supplier) and it can very simply sync in with your existing Shopify store.

We create incredible marketing opportunities as one big, beautiful, united brand and enable Aotearoa to shop and support local while showcasing what we have to offer to the rest of the world. And most importantly we’ll do this by connecting like-minded business & entrepreneurial communities across Aotearoa

How much does it cost:

There are two main costs for you to consider

  1. 15% of all sales you make on Konei stays with Konei
  2. Konei offers FREE SHIPPING to our customers

This means you will need to factor these two expenses into your pricing

We need your help to get the store up and running!


It's still early days, and so we are looking for adventurous brands who are willing to help us build the Konei vision of being the BEST online shopping experience, and a store that is filled to the brim with all the good things Aotearoa has to offer.


We’ll give you:

An opportunity to help us build it

FREE listings (no commission) until 31st August 2020

Support alllll day-errrrrrerr day (wellllll most days) 

Brand visibility, cause you were onto it and jumped in our waka you will be part of our nationwide campaign and we will provide you with marketing collateral to use on your socials


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