HAUORA SESSIONS - Mental Health Awareness Podcast Series

Mental Health and wellbeing is a huge topic for entrepreneurs and for Aotearoa, so for Mental Health Awareness Week we got together with Ngahere Talks to release a 3 part podcast mini-series - Hauora Sessions.


 Episode One - Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Self Doubt

4 best mates, Manawa, Mel, Beks and Mel Taito (yeah another Mel) share their mental illness battles as wahine, whanau members, mums and entrepreneurs.  Then discuss how they identified their struggles, and then worked to find a balance in their lives when these struggles exist.

Get the tissues coz it's not an easy conversation.


Episode Two - Social Media, Comparison, Self Worth & Anxiety Attacks

Manawa sits down with the young adult crew from Ngahere - Fia, Taylor and Juanita - to discuss the challenges they have faced growing up, and the biggest mental health battle of their generation - Social Media and Comparison!

There are also some great tips on what to look out for in yourself and your loved ones, and how to manage the pressures.


Episode Three - Absent Fathers, Insecurity, Loneliness & Friendship

4 best mates, Manawa, Mel, Clint and Mel Masina (yes, a third Mel) open up about the raw and emotional traumas and experiences in their lives that have caused emotional pain and mental distress, and what that looks and feels like on the daily.  But also the power of quality friendships and relationships and how together we are equipped to find power over this mental illness epidemic we have in Aotearoa

You'll probably need the tissues again...


You can watch/listen to the podcasts on your favourite channel, just click the link below:
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