TOP 5 Art - Behind You

Size: A4

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It's a reference to the memories of behind you, and the girl is a symbol of those who have lost their lives to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, as well as the remains of a broken relationship. You can only see her back and her face remains unseen, just like those times when we try to remember someone we've forced ourselves to forget. There are no concrete memories, only blurred moments and scratched out faces. Everything in life is a risk. Between the fear of being hurt again and the exhilaration of living life to the fullest; the highs and the lows, is it worth it? I want to walk down the path of least regret, even if thorns and blades line the way to liberty. 
In this moment

I'm not broken

I am me

I am free.

This awesome artist was voted in the top 5 in our recent Art comp. Support your local creatives and get a print! Shipping included. A4 printed on 300gsm. A3 & A2 printed on 200gsm. Available until end of October.

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