Matariki Platter Boards

Design: Tupuānuku

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The boards each have a unique whetu (star) pattern designed by Kyle Ratana Illustrator & Designer. 

The names of the designs are all the stars which represent and are connected to Kai within the Matariki cluster they are as follows,

Tupuanuku - connected to good grown in the whenua.

Tupuarangi - connected to food from the sky.

Waiti connected to food from freshwater sources awa.

Waita connected to Kai from the oceans Moana.

The platter boards are made of bamboo and measure 35cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 1.8cm (D).

The boards will hold good portions of grazing food, enough to cater for between 2-6 people per board.

Each platter board is unique. There will be differences between each board as that’s the nature of engraving onto bamboo.

Danish food grade/food safe oil is used on the boards in the photographs. Pictures include boards that are not oiled.  Please note your board will be shipped to you oiled UNLESS it is sent overseas - then the board will not be oiled.  As it takes a couple of days for the oil to dry properly.


There is an engraving on the other side of the board (as shown in the photos).

These beautiful, natural and versatile serving boards are the perfect gift or purchase for your home.

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