Forager's Collection Facial Steam


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Unclog pores, hydrate and revive dry, distressed or lackluster skin, leaving a refreshed, dewy glow.


Forager’s Collection: This product is 100% grown, foraged and blended in Aotearoa.

Place 1 Tbsp. in a large bowl, top with hot water. Cover head with towel, steam for 5-10 minutes. Use 2 Tbsp. for bath immersion.

* *Calendula, * * rose petals,chamomile flower, * *plantain leaf, * *rosemary leaf, * * lavender flower. *Organic * *NZ Grown

Product weighs 35g. Packaged in biodegradable cellulose. Best stored in an air-tight container, out of direct sunlight, and used within 12 months.

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