Wall Hangings

Colours: Black with white trim and taonga

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These incredibly stunning wall hangings are made from a variety of feathers, and are accompanied by an attached bone carving or paua piece. High-quality pieces made with care.

Each piece is made with a different set of feathers, which ensures that no matter what piece, it’s guaranteed to catch your eye. Measuring at approximately 31cm x 27cm, these wall hangings can also be used as a taonga, and can be framed or hung on the wall.

Pāua shells are used in some designs. Pāua are large sea snails, native to New Zealand. They’ve always been a food source for Māori, and are a huge part of New Zealand’s culture. Their shells feature a beautiful design, which are incorporated into these wall hangings.

Available in many different colour combinations. Whether worn as a kākahu or displayed as feather art, there’s no doubt that these pieces will complement any environment.

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