NZ Grass-fed Goat Milk Puppy Bites 50g l Bundle x3


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Bowl & Bowls | New Zealand Grass-fed Goat Milk Puppy Bites 50g - Bundle x3

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  • NZ's first solid goat milk bites
  • Say goodbye to messy milk formulas
  • Grain and Preservative free 

New Zealand’s first solid goat milk bites, formulated specifically to assist with weaning puppies. Our Goat Milk bites contain no added ingredients that may upset the stomach of a weaning puppy. 

Puppies have sensitive digestive systems that are often upset by the A1 protein found in cow’s milk. Our Goat’s Milk bites contain the A2 protein that is easily digested by your puppy’s sensitive stomach.

Aids and assists in a healthy immune and digestive system. It also helps your puppy’s brain and bone development as they grow into healthy, happy adults.

Made with grass-fed lamb that is rich in iron with Vitamins A, D, E, K, B, and Zinc.

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