Whenua Warrior Unisex Singlets

Size: S
Color: Black with Gold Logo

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Whenua Warrior Unisex Singlets

Available S, M, L, XL, 2XL


  • Organic materials

Knowing our market is made of people who care for the environment - we have chosen organic materials for our premium line of clothing.  This is so that we can continue to prioritise our people and our land first - ensuring that we are able to offer the best version of us at all times!

  • Social Enterprise

Buy one EPIC piece of clothing - Donate one EPIC piece back to the community!

We want to support our community to become Whenua Warriors - so when you buy one of these pieces and we will donate once back to the community too.  We will take these pieces to communities across all of Aotearoa!

  • Logo whakapapa

Our Whenua Warrior was originally drawn with a pen and scrap paper.  The idea behind our logo was to represent all people of different ages, races, sexes and beliefs.  There is an innocence about prioritising our people and our land first - and we believe that our warrior is within you.  So - wear this piece with pride and know that your tupuna and ours are guiding us to become the best Whenua Warriors possible!

  • Profits to community garden builds


Our merchandise is a simple way of continuing to be sustainable within our main kaupapa of building gardens.  So - all profits made from your purchase go directly back into our communities and support garden builds across the Nation!

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