Bathroom Cleaning Set


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Our Bathroom Cleaner complete with brush ware and cloth helps to eradicate mould and soap scum with one effortless spray and wipe, effective against bacteria and eliminating germs that lurk around your bathroom and toilet.
Leaving your bathroom fresh and clean with  sweet herbaceous and citrus tones of Geranium and Grapefruit helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, helps boost and uplift your well being.
All our cleaners have the added properties of Manuka, well known for it's antibacterial properties, the extract from this native New Zealand tree helps curb bacterial growth attacks. Clove - a well known antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial powerful essential oil. 
Bathroom Cleaner - 500 ml Amber Glass Spray Bottle 
Mystery Green Collective Spruce Cloth - Washable, Biodegradable Cleaning Cloth
Eco Max Scrubber - Natural Brush ware 
Florence Scrubber - Natural Brush Ware 

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