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Pepi Hou Koha (New Baby Gift Pack)

45ml Baby Balm, Kopakopa & Raspberry soap, 5ml lip balm

Māmā & Pēpi Koha (Mums n Bubs Gift Pack)

45ml Baby Balm, 110ml Haputanga Belly Butter, Kopakopa & Raspberry soap, lip Balm. 

Haputanga Koha (Pregnancy Gift Pack)

45ml Baby Balm, Haputanga (maternity) Tea, Kopakopa & Raspberry soap, lip balm

Wahine Ataahua Kete (Womens Beauty Basket)

Rose Water Mist, Hydrating Day Cream, Hand & Nail treatment, Rose Kawakawa soap Lip Balm.

Sore Muscle Koha (Gift Pack)

45ml Tutu Sore Muscle rub, Tutu & Lemongrass soap, 5ml lip balm

Sore Muscle Kete (Gift Basket)

45ml Tutu Sore Muscle Rub, Tutu & Lemongrass soap, lip balm, Sore Muscle Cream.

Mauri Tau Koha (Relaxing Lavendar Gift Pack)

45ml Sweet Dreams Balm, Kawakawa & Lavender soap, 5ml Lip balm


45ml Traditional Kawakawa Balm, Relaxing Bath Salts, Lavender soap, lip balm.

Kumarahou & Mango Koha (Gift Pack)

45ml Kūmarahou Traditional balm, mango soap, 5ml lip balm

Kumarahou & Mango Kete (Gift Basket)

45ml Traditional Kūmarahou Balm, Mango Body Butter, Kūmarahou & Mango soap, lip balm.

Kumarahou Haa Kete (Respiratory Gift Basket)

45ml chest rub, Lip balm, Respiratory Blend Bath Salts, Goats milk & Honey soap

Kawakawa & Apple Koha (Gift Pack)

45ml Kawakawa Balm, Apple soap, 5ml lip balm

Kawakawa & Apple Kete (Gift Basket)

Tane Puroto Kete (Mens Gift Basket)

Shave soap, Bamboo Shave Brush, After shave sage water mist, after shave balm, natural deodorant.

Whanau Pouaka (Family Box)

100ml Kawakawa Balm, 100ml Tutu Sore Muscle Rub, 100ml Kumarahou Chest Rub, 5ml lip balm, Goats milk & Honey soap, Kawakawa & Apple soap, Kawakawa Hand sanitizer, Sore Muscle Soak Bath Salts, 10ml Kawakawa & Coconut lip balm.

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