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Puhi and Toa means princess and warrior. The name helps us to remember that each and everyone one of us are unique, special, and amazing! All of our gifts have special meaning attached to them as a reminder of your strength and greatness.

Pounamu is a soothing heart-based stone that can help ease depression and stress. Maori have worn pounamu for hundreds of years, not only for its beauty, but also for its protective qualities. It has a spiritual healing energy and has long been believed to be a charmed stone that will help you to live a long life.

New Zealand’s highly prized stone – has been used by Māori to represent status and authority, for adornment, and for making peace.

Package includes:

1 x adjustable Pounamu bacelet/anklet 20cm length

1 x card meaning

1 x box packaged with aroha

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