The face behind the brand: Noeleen Tuala - PELE BABY

Meet Noeleen Tuala, founder of PELE BABY.

We loved getting the opportunity to sit down and chat to Noeleen Tuala from PELE BABY to learn more about how she got into business, what she loves about it.

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Straight from the PELE website:

Who are PELE?

PELE is a small, poly owned business run out of our home in South Auckland NZ whose aim is to create striking poly patterned, good quality baby goodies.

How did PELE come about?

Being half Samoan and Half Tongan, a nana of 5 and mum of 5 I found it increasingly hard to find quality Pasifika designed items for my grandbabies so the concept of PELE was born! (fun fact! our playmats are named after our grandbabies & our youngest son).

The importance of our babies being surrounded by their culture, whether it be in the form of language, schooling, blankets or playmats helps our babies to feel a connection to ones aiga/fāmili.

We have worked so hard on capturing the perfect designs and colors for our baby goodies and we hope you love them a much as we do!

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My name is Noeleen Tuala and I am the owner of PELE BABY.

What is your biggest inspiration?

I'm going to say my family. They are my biggest inspiration.

What are three words to describe your business?

Three words to describe my business would be Pasifika, quality and consistency. People spend their hard earned money on my products.

What does quality & consistency mean to you?

So for me, keeping my quality consistent so that they know what they're getting for their first and their future purchases is definitely key.

What is your favourite food?

For me, I'm going to say lamb buns.

Where can we find the best lamb buns?

I want to say Evelina's in Clendon.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I think my biggest pet peeve is someone not following through on what they're going to do. I just think in life, like, if you say you're going to do something, I think you need to do it and follow through.

What is your proudest PELE moment?

Oh, my gosh. I think seeing pele's, babies wrapped in one of my products or laying on one of my playmats, it literally is the biggest vote of confidence as a business owner. That is literally the best thing as a business owner is just seeing that others love your products as much as you do. Because like I said, you put so much into these products. For someone else to love them just like you is amazing.

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