So you’d like to join the Konei whānau and sell your products with us?  We’d love to hear from you.


Konei Aoteroa is a unique shopping experience featuring only and exclusively Aotearoa owned and operated brands.  Those who sell with us in Aotearoa also have the opportunity to expand their distribution into Australia through Konei Australia.  More information about this is available on request, just ask Aunty.

Why sell with us?

We believe that everything is better when we do it together, building a brand and a business is a hard and sometimes lonely journey, we know that it’s so much easier to navigate the challenges and the wins, when you’ve got others alongside you.  As part of the Konei whānau we’re here to support you, and to support each other.


Our team has a broad range of expertise, from business and leadership, to retail, ecommerce, digital marketing, social media and content creation. When you join the Konei whanau you get plugged into our ‘ecosystem’.  Some of the benefits you receive include:

  • Digital marketing assets, our team will develop content to showcase you, your brand and your products
  • Your products will be included in specially curated collections, alongside other stunning products
  • Analytics *coming soon* our team will send you a monthly breakdown of how your products have performed on our platform
  • Access to workshops, wananga and other learning opportunities with our education partner
  • Connection to our broader business networks including accountants, lawyers, government funders, ecommerce specialists, the list goes on


Find out more about what it means to sell with us by filling out the sign up form here 


We look forward to having you join us!


Please note: due to Aotearoa top 50 Māori products we currently have a delay in onboarding new brands in Aotearoa.  Please still contact us if you are interested and we’ll let you know how quickly (or not quickly) we’ll be able to get you onboard.  Thanks for your patience!