Konei on the road

We're on the road!

Yes, that is right we are hitting the road again! We're filming a whole bunch of new brand stories all of the North Island this week; five brand stories in one week. And here is our plan for the week:

Monday, April 12:
Monday is kicking off in Palmerston North and filing Tuhura clothing - a local New Zealand family-owned business. 

Tuesday, April 13:
We are heading down a bit further south and filming another brand story with Odi boutique - a jewellery brand. 

Wednesday, April 14:
We have a jam-packed day in Wellington filming and also giving away prizes at the waterfront that you can win! In the morning we will be filming the talented Art by Aski and at lunchtime, we will be heading to the waterfront at 12 pm where you can spin our spinning wheel and win some awesome prizes! Make sure to check our Instagram @konei.nz for updates on where Manawa and Mel will be to be in to win. 

And finally capping off in the evening filming another brand story with Mamia’s sauce - an Ethiopian cooking sauce, relish or marinade made in Wellington. + we'll be recording a podcast with @perabarrett!

Thursday, April 15:
Next, we are going to Otaki! we will be recording a Konei korero/podcast with artist and designer @thehori.

Saturday, 17 April:
This will be our last day of filming for the week and we are finishing off with a banger! The brilliant graphic designer Shay Illustrate will be our last brand of a very busy week.

Sunday, 18 April:
But it doesn’t end there, we are also doing a colour run in New Plymouth at 11 am - We would love to see you there!

And that concludes our journey for the week! You can also check out all of these brands on www.konei.nz

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