Hā tool koru | Anxiety & stress relief necklace


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Hā Tool | A functional piece of jewelry designed to naturally relieve stress by prolonging the breath and calming the nervous system. Daily breathing practice will increase awareness, rewire the mind, and help you move towards your goals.


+ Relieves anxiety, anger, stress & fear

+ Prevents burnout

+ Small hole elongates the breath to 8-10 seconds

+ Slows heartbeat

+ Increases lung volume

+ Increases awareness/mindfulness

+ Improves self-regulation

+ Natural alternative to medication

+ Scientifically proven to calm mind & body

+ Quiet & discreet tool 

+ Convenient, can be used anywhere & anytime

+ Attractive Stainless steel 316L Hā tool, 58mm length, 13mm diameter. Stainless steel chain 24 inches.

+ Comes with giftbox & pouch

🌿 The Koru Hā Tool: A Symbol of New Beginnings 🌿

The Koru Hā Tool takes its name from "koru," which means loop or coil, representing the unfurling frond that symbolises new life, renewal, and hope for the future. Within this tool, you'll discover a larger shape known as Mangōpare, resembling a hammerhead shark. This emblem embodies strength, courage, and power. As we make an effort to connect to hā, always remember to be gentle on ourselves, and know that every day we have the power and strength to start again. 

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