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This is for one deck of kāri (54 playing cards + info card) including delivery from New Zealand to the USA.

Konei and Maimoa Creative have collaborated to launch a product that celebrates the Māori language and culture, and supports local creatives, makers and businesses. We wanted to provide a product that can be a treasured taonga for whānau that encourages play, laughter, unity, and learning. 

Inside this pack you will find a QR code which will take you to behind the scenes videos of artist Jordyn Daniels explaining her artwork that honours traditional Māori art.

These playing cards have been thoughtfully created by Māori, and are made in Aotearoa.

Available for purchase in all 50 states in America. Price featured is NZD. Depending on the conversion rate, price should be around $69USD (includes shipping).

Delivery time-frame: 6-13 working days 

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