Pēpi Knitted Blanket - Manaaki Onepū


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Manaaki - Onepū Knitted Blanket 


Manaaki - Support/Care
These threads wrap your pēpi with 'Manaaki. Ensuring your pēpi is cared for, protected and warm in these most precious years of their lives.

Finely knitted 100% Organic Cotton Paraikete (blanket). Cotton fibres breathe naturally and allows new born pēpi to regulate their own temperature.
Perfect sized blanket that will continue to keep pēpi warm all year round. Soft and cuddly and great to take out and about or for snuggles at home. 

80cm x 100cm

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Designed in Aotearoa
  • Made in China

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