Manawa Roa earrings

Color: Gold

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Available in 18K Gold, Rhodium Silver or Rose Gold Plated Stainless Steel Engraved 60mm Bar Pendants hanging earrings.


This taonga features the whatumanawa, described as the heart, mind, and seat of emotions of a person. The koru patterns around the heart represent the different experiences and people that we encounter throughout our lives.

Manawa Roa is a taonga to wear with a self-awareness that you are part of a bigger story, ‘Remember the soil of your ancestors, and the dreams of your mokopuna’.

Kupu hou:

manawa = heart

roa = long

whatumanawa = heart, mind, seat of emotions

mokopuna = grandchildren

 [Tohu created by Tuku-Marie Rangitaawa]

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