Kim Hill - How Māori Thrive in Business

Welcome to Konei Kōrero - the podcast series dedicated to boosting Aotearoa Brands.

We're all about helping Aotearoa brands meet their fullest potential. With starting  this awesome online market place to now sharing real life stories from real life business men and women in our new Podcast called Konei Kōrero. 

What to expect: 

Our team sit down and talk to people with experience in the business field with the hope that what they have to share will inspire and help you in your business. "Little pockets of Gold" as Manawa CEO of Ngahere Ventures would say, to help you in every way. 

Episode One

In Episode one, Manawa and Mel chat with Kim Hill, the business strategist, coach and mentor that every Maori business owner gets referred to when they need support. For over 20years Kim has walked entrepreneurs through their challenges and their achievements, and with specialties in marketing, communication, branding, structure, business management and the evolution of opportunities, Kim is a rich resource.
Along with some of Kim's story, we go through the practicalities of turning your idea into a business from startup through to growth, and chat about the way's Māori are thriving in business, and our unique value proposition to the world!
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